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50: Richard Urwin Leicester (England) 11/06/2003 - 01:04:18
I've just placed my first order with you. I'm using "PCB" on Linux. I was worried that the upload wouldn't work without IE, but it all went smoothly. Well done. Any chance of a GCPrevue for Linux? It's a shame to have to run it under Wine. (Version 7 seems to work OK like that though.)
unfortunatly there is no LinuxVersion of GC-Prevue available. But you are right - the Microsoft-Monopoly is a shame.

49: Andrew Seddon Cambridge (a) 09/01/2003 - 18:14:15
Great work. One thing any chance of making the order tracking process key`s in English?

Hello Andrew,
we are currently working on it ! Should be finished end of Kalenderweek 37. Thanks for your hint.

48: William Cleijne Bayswater, Victoria (Australia) 07/20/2003 - 02:01:26
Justy to say hi, and thanks for the software. As a home user, I am delighted with what you produce. Many thanks.
William, I am delighted to hear, that our PCB's work the other side of the globe! Thanks to you.

47: Keith Raper Scarborough (England) 07/16/2003 - 17:01:04
Good to see "position print" (silk screen) is available on 4 layer now. I have used Beta Layout for a number of years on my own projects and for other companies and I have always been pleased with the results. When will you move to 6 layer?

Best Rega
hanks Keith. Good to hear! &-Layer POOL is on our whishlist on top. We' inform you as soon as it is available.

46: Sepp Vogel 2003-08-10 13:31:37 (Switzerland) 07/04/2003 - 13:27:48

Surfing around I saw your well done homepage.

Sepp Vogel
Thanks Mr. Vogel. Good surf!

45: VLADIMIR POPOV VIDIN (BULGARIA) 03/08/2003 - 14:54:08
Plaese, inform me about the performans of the PCB-POOL for a bulgarian.

Bitte, senden mir weiter informationen, z.B. prospekten u.a. fuer PCB-POOL nach meine Addresse:

Vladimir Popov
Thank you very much for your interest. Prospekte sind auf dem Weg......

44: abubakr asgher tripoly (libyan) 02/09/2003 - 10:56:22
how are you
Iam engeneer in electronic and I have many monthes looking on pcb design I bought it from the shop but all the vertions is demo.
please send me on my Email
or aboobkrali187@hot

43: Peter 12/10/2002 - 17:30:53
Your website is great and very usefull. I've bookmarked it. Keep up the good resources. Best greetings from Germany
Das freut uns - wir bemühen uns weiterhin....

42: Maike 12/03/2002 - 10:41:52
PCB-Pool is just great, good work, and congratulations on that good website!

41: A.H.Shukry Cairo (Egypt) 11/01/2002 - 17:29:46
Target3000 is a very attractive alternative to OrCAD/Protel ( especially that it is free !!!). I have some technical comments that I would like to forward but it seems that the space here is a little limited Can you provide an EMail address ?
I am forwarding these comments as a gesture of Thanks and appreciation for your very obvious effort in designing this package. You just need polishing it up.
Hello Mr. Shukry,
thank you very much for your guestbook-entry. We are always very open for any feedback of our customers. I forward your information to the developer of the software. You will get an answer direct from him. Thanks again. Your Beta LAYOUT Team.

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