3D-MID prototypes

Technology in the third dimension

3D-MID: 3D Mechatronic Integrated Devices are three-dimensional bodies with integrated circuit structures.

The metallized thermoplastic part (MID) replaces the circuit board plus additional components, which usually consists of many different materials. The 3D-MIDs are made of recyclable thermoplastics and are easier disposed of than conventional circuit boards.

MIDs allow a quicker production of circuits and a much faster design renewal at a favorable price.

A 3D-MID offers the following advantages:

• Miniaturization

• Shorter process chains

• Savings achieved through using less components

• Higher functional reliability

Where is 3D-MID being used?

3D-MID is now found throughout the entire range of electronics.

It is used where a higher integrity of electronics is needed, e.g. where size and weight is relevant 3D-MID offers the best solutions.

Before serial production there is the prototype

Our main challenge was to produce a prototype faster and more economically, which we were not able to achieve before with the conventional design process of 3D-MIDs.

The injection molded 3D-MIDs, as used in serial production require expensive injection molding tools and long production times – laser sintered prototypes are manufacturable at relatively low price.

• Faster design cycles

• Batch production at lower costs

How is a 3D-MID prototype developed?

Layout software for 3D-MIDs

With TARGET 3001! V18 PCB-POOL® version, the first free ECAD software is available for designing electronic circuits on three-dimensional circuit carriers.
To download please click here .

This video tutorial shows the software function and explains the individual steps for creating a 3D-MID.

Specifications for 3D-MID prototypes

Min. contact spacing (pitch): 0.65 mm

Min. trace width: 0.3 mm

Min. gap between traces (pitch): 0.3 mm

Max. size of the 3D-MID: 300 mm x 200 mm x 25 mm


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