The problem:

Up to now there are rarely satisfying solutions for creating 3D-data for an assembled PCB from any layout software.

The actual format IDF (Intermediate Data Format) does not include any 3D information. The PCB contour, position and name of each component are the only parameters defined.

Therefore each component needs to be designed and placed individually in a 3D programme. Almost impossible without special 3D design knowledge.

The solution:

IDF data is created from any layout programme and imported into the IDF-Viewer, developed by Beta LAYOUT and Simplified Solutions Inc.

Thanks to a wide data base of 3D-components, the PCB can be assembled virtually.

What about EAGLE?

The popular layout programme does not provide IDF- data output!

Beta LAYOUT offers its EAGLE users an ULP which creates IDF and transfers the data directly into the online IDF-viewer.

Components out of the original EAGLE-components-library are assignet automatically to the matching 3-D elements.

Product Highlights

  • Free use of the Online-IDF-Viewer
  • Missing or special 3D-component- geometry can be imported as STEP-format or be ordered directly as a Beta LAYOUT Service.

Data export of the 3D- Model:
  • 3D-PDF-format (Free of charge!)
  • printed 3D-Prototype (free of charge in relation to a following PCB-POOL®- order)
  • STEP-format


Let's go!

Create IDF (intermediate data format) data from your layout programme. Click here for starting the IDF-to-3D Tool.

You use the EAGLE layout programme? Download the EAGLE-to-3D ULP here.

The mentioned ULP exports IDF data from EAGLE, transfers the data to our server and starts up the IDF-to-3D online tool.


You need to create a large amount of 3D data and the single purchase is too costly for you?

 We can offer you
unrestricted usage of our IDF-to-3D converter for 12 months at a set price.


Want to learn more about EAGLE-TO-3D and IDF-TO-3D?

Join one of our GotoMeeting Webinars on Thursday, February 7th or Thursday, February 14th. (12:00 PM and 18:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time)
A brief IDF-TO-3D/EAGLE-TO-3D demonstration will be given.
Learn how to map PCB components to 3D models and generate 3D PCBs. Bring your questions.

To join the meeting click here or visit and enter meeting number 320-601-519.

Use VOIP or dial in at the following numbers:
United States: +1 (215) 383-1010, Germany: +49 (0) 811 8899 6902