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IMS PCB prototypes with Aluminium core

The abbreviation IMS stands for Insulated Metal Substrates. With IMS printed circuit boards instead of the usual base material, aluminium is used as the carrier for copper.

Aluminium core printed circuit boards are used for the thermal management of the circuit. High power LEDs are the most well-known example of it. In addition, parts for controls, power transducers etc. are often developed with IMS PCBs.

Presently we offer aluminum core printed circuit boards with the following technology in the IMS POOL:

  • 1.5 mm thickness
  • Isolation layer: 100µm
  • Copper: 35 µm Cu singlesided

Calculate the cost of your personal IMS prototype easily online using the following link.

Soldermask & Silkscreen

Depending on whether light is to be absorbed or reflected, you can select between black or white soldermask

Silkscreen colours of black and white are available in the aluminium core PCB-POOL® service.

We charge a flat-rate fee when a solder mask is applied to single-sided circuit boards. This fee is independent of the circuit board size.

We charge a flat-rate fee when a silk screen is applied to circuit boards. This fee is independent of the circuit board size.

Mechanical processing

Would you like to mount your IMS (Insulated Metallic Substrate) PCB? No problem!

For an optional extra charge it is possible to integrate threads, counter-sunk drills and depth milling. Such data must be delivered separately and is only accepted by us in DXF or Target Front Panel Designer formats.

[ Download the specifications ]

Electrical test

We test your PCBs for a fixed price, independent
of the amount of test points & 100 % against your gerber data !