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Formats: EAGLE, TARGET! and Altium
We presently accept EAGLE, TARGET 3001! and Altium formats for assembling your PCBs in PCB-Pool. In future, we will also be able to accept all formats supported by PCB-POOL® for PCB assembly as well. The additional formats will be added step by step and will be announced in the newsletter each time.

We currently accept orders for the assembly of 50 PCBs at most per PCB-Pool order.

The stated assembly prices are valid only in combination with a PCB manufacturing order.

If you use a different layout program or wish to have a larger number of PCBs assembled, please use our PCB-OVERSEAS Request Form. We will send you a free quotation with no obligation on your part.

Layout requirements
A minimum spacing of 3 mm between the edge of the PCB and the outer components is necessary to ensure that our automated assembly machine can accept your PCB.

Please generate your PCB layout with the reference origin (zero reference point for all component coordinates) at the bottom left corner.

Place at least two and preferably three reference marks on your layout. The best type of reference mark is a single circular feature with a diameter of 2 mm. All marks should be free of solder resist, and the surrounding area should be free of other structures such as tracks, ground planes, etc. The size of this surrounding area should be 4 to 6 mm. Place the reference marks as far apart as possible and diagonally opposed on the edges of the PCB.

We also need a component diagram with component designations (IC1, IC2, R1, R2, C1, C2, etc.) and clearly indicated polarity marks for the relevant components.