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In our PCB-POOL®, we offer you single-sided, double-sided and 4/6-layer printed circuit board prototypes in standard industrial quality. They have the following parameters:

• FR4
• 1.0 mm (1-, 2-, and 4-layer only)
• 1.6 mm (all products)
• 35 µm Cu
• HAL lead-free or chem. nickel/gold (ENIG)

The possible delivery times are between one and eight days.

We can fulfil almost every request with our 19 formats.

You can evaluate our service online. You will receive discount points, which you can redeem with your next order, for every evaluation. You receive a 10% discount for every 5 evaluations.

Please also note our assembly service for your prototypes, which is currently possible for
EAGLE, TARGET, Altium and Extended Gerber files.

You can conveniently perform a calculation for your printed circuit board including assembly in our
Online_order_system .