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Lead times

On time or free!

Time is money! Especially when it comes to urgent orders. If we don't manage to produce your fast turnaround order (i.e. with a base price factor > 1) in time, you will not be charged.

This offer applies to any articles in your shopping basket with the adjacent symbol.

Please be aware that our delivery time is based on the moment we hand your goods to the courier service for shipment.

Lead times, discounts and fast turnaround premia


PCB-POOL Prototypes single and doublesided PCBs
working days basic price factor
8 0.500
7 0.800
5 1.000
4 1.500
3 1.750
2 2.000
1 2.500

PCB-POOL Prototypes 4ML and 6ML PCBs
working days basic price factor
8 0.625
7 1.000
5 1.250
3 1.750
2 2.000

Doublesided boards 10 pieces
working days basic price factor
8 1.000
5 2.000

Doublesided boards (from 11 pieces)
working days basic price factor
8 1.000

PCB-POOL Prototypes singlesided IMS PCBs
working days basic price factor
8 1.000

When it comes to lead time, we're flexible!

Depending on your time frame, you can choose a longer lead time and avail of our lowest prices, or a faster lead time, to receive your boards quickly, for an extra cost.

Our online shop simply multiplies the basic price factor of your delivery time with the basic price of your circuit boards for this.

You can compute the basic price by entering one cubic decimetre in our online calculator as the surface size without selecting solder mask, silk screen and overdelivery.

Our minimum order quantity is one cubic decimetre.

The basic price factor 1.0 is based on the following standard delivery times:

  • for singlesided boards:
    5 working day (WD)
  • for doublesided boards:
    5 working day (WD)
  • for 4ML boards:
    7 working day (WD)
  • for 6ML boards:
    7 working day (WD)
  • for singlesided IMS boards:
    8 working day (WD)

The easiest way to calculate the price of your PCB is to use our "Price calculation and Order" page in our online shop.

Please note! Unlike other PCB manufacturers, Beta LAYOUT charges fast turnaround premium on the basic board price ONLY and NOT on the soldermask, silkscreen or overdelivery costs!


WD means working days.

The first working day (WD) is the date on which we receive both your order and files before 10:30am CEST (for 1 & 2 day and Target-Next-Day turnaround 08:30am CEST). Weekends and public holidays do not count as working days.

The last WD, is the day on which your goods are dispatched.