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Costing of Multipanels

Multi panels where all boards are < 16 inchesĀ²

The minimum area of PCBs which can be ordered is 16(2) inches.
Where there are boards which are smaller than 16 inchesĀ²,
we will automatically produce as many as fit in this area. If a route charge (10 usd) is paid we can deliver these as single units. If the boards should be delivered as one piece then only outline should be supplied. As an alternative you can instruct us to deliver a panel with the boards held on pips. ( Extra charge ) The rout and soldermask charge will only be applied once in this case.

Mixed Multipanels with boards < and > 1 dm(2)

If your multipanel is mixed with boards both larger and smaller than 1 dm(2) they will be split up and produced and invoiced separately.
The board(s) which are greater than one square decimeter will be charged individually and a soldermask and route charge ( where applicable ) will apply in each case. The board(s) which are smaller will be put together and one soldermask charge and one route charge will apply.

Panel with boards held on pips for printed circuit boards ≤ 20 mm x 20 mm

For reasons of quality assurance, printed circuit boards ≤ 20mm x 20 mm are manufactured and delivered on a panel (printed circuit board holder).
No additional costs are involved here (Break-off pips routing charge).