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Beta Prototypes offer two new options for 3D-Printing: Vibratory finishing and impregnation.

July 2016: Our 3D-Print-Shop range is being extended to include two new options:

Your 3D-printed functional components will be made waterproof and pressure-resistant through impregnation. This procedure will also be suitable for thin-walled components.

Would you like your components to receive the perfect finish? Extremely smooth surfaces and thus a classy appearance is achieved by treating your functional components with vibratory finishing.

USA - Japan - and now Europe: Magic-PCB® receives European patent

September 2015: We have waited for quite some time, but it was worth it: next to the US American and Japanese patents we have now also been issued the European patent.

Thus, our circuit board with integrated RFID module now benefits from patent protection in three continents! The RFID embedding process can be used by the electronics industry under license for the identification of circuit boards.

Patent no.: EP 2448379 B1

Magic-PCB® obtains UL-certification

July 2015: Two years ago our Embedded RFID technology, named Magic-PCB®, was patented in the USA.

In a continuing process we have eva­luated this technology according the US safety standards for electronic pro­ducts.

By obtaining the Certificate of Compliance from the Underwriters Laboratory we now meet the requirements of the industry.

New: Flexible PCBs in the PCB-POOL®

June 2015: As from 1 June 2015, we can supply you with flexible PCBs, "Made in Germany", at very competitive prices - thanks to the POOL–POOL® principle.

You can now order your flexible PCBs directly online and receive instant price quotations using our optimized configurator.

All information and technical documentation you require can be found on our „PCB-POOL FLEX“ page.

ISO 14001:2004 Certification for environmental management.

May 2015: We have obtained ISO 14001:2004 Certification for environmental management.

Alongside our high quality demands, environmental awareness forms an integral part of our corporate philosophy. That led us to seek acknowledgement of our environmental management system at the same time as we applied for renewal of our ISO 9001 quality management certification. Our environmental performance was officially certified this month.

electronica 2014

October 2014: Hall A2, Booth 357: Beta LAYOUT presents the world of electronics in 3D.

Find out first-hand at the stand how to easily compile 3D data of your printed circuit board and how 3D MID is being used in prototype manufacture thanks to laser sintering.

A living ‘3D-print’ awaits you at the stand, represented by a top act from the Berlin arts scene.

Also showcased is a range of innovations in the field of embedded RFID, the unique way of making printed circuit boards identifiable, along with our entire range of products and services.


May 2014: Our anniversary gift to you:
An extensive 3D package from your *.brd file:

- photorealistic images of your PCB and SMD template

- STEP file with the virtual assembled PCB

- freely rotatable 3D view in PDF format (requires Adobe Reader)

- link to order a laser-sintered 3D print-out of the assembled PCB - free 3D model of the ordered PCB-POOL® circuit board (FITS-or-NOT) for collision testing in advance


December 2013: We were at productronica for the first time ... and were very much the centre of attention.

"... That said, the fab presence seems to shrink every year. There were
 clear crowd-pleasers, however. Beta Layout drew attendees to its embedded
 RFID technology, for instance ..."

"... As mentioned earlier, perhaps the most impressive display was that of
 Beta Layout, which has partnered with Schmoll to offer a machine for
 embedding RFID tags. The process involves a robotic placer that picks the
 tags from a reel and places them into cavities routed or milled in a 
standard panel up to 18 x 24". An epoxy dispenser then fills the cavity,
 followed by a 4-minute UV cure. The parts are sized at 3.6 x 1.2 x 1.55 mm 
and the keep-out zone is 10 x 2.3 mm, Tony Shoot of Beta Layout said. The 
chips, from Murata, can be pre-programmed, and come with 512 Mb of memory 
and operate in the 860-960 MHz range. The display drew consistent traffic,
 making it the standout in what was otherwise a somewhat tepid event for
 board fabrication ..."


November 2013: You can receive your layout
"professionally prepared and ready for PCB production"
-> as a PDF preview (with layer function)
-> in Gerber data format
free of charge on request!

Just tell us in Your Account which option you prefer and you'll receive a PDF preview of the production data generated by us.

Just tell us in your account which option you prefer and you'll receive a PDF preview of the production data generated by us.

So that you can commence mass production using the production data, we'll gladly send you the production data generated by us on request.

You'll receive step and repeat values, or the mounting frame created by us, free with your delivery of the Gerber data.

All you need to do then is use the layer function to switch individual layers on and off. This will make it easy for you to follow signal pathways.

Productronica 2013

November 2013: Embedded RFID – Future Now

World première in Hall B1, Stand 261:

The highlight of the show - we'll be presenting the Magic Application Machine that embeds RFID chips into PCBs on an industrial scale. More details:

Discover live how an embedded RFID can turn your PCB into a data carrier and be identifiable at any time.

Come and meet Doc Brown and his DeLorean on our stand.
The future starts now...

You can request voucher codes for free day tickets at:


Expanded assembly service

August 2013: Along with Altium, TARGET 3001! and EAGLE data, you can now also transmit the "Extended Gerber RS-274X" format to our assembly department.

We will also require a matching BOM (Bill of Materials), assembly diagram and Pick & Place file.

This will ensure accurate assembly.

New patent granted!

June 2013: We are proud to present to you our latest patent for an embedding procedure using our MAM.

MAM stands for Magic Application Machine – a machine that automatically embeds RFID chips in FR4 PCB material.

This involves cutting a slot in the PCB for the RFID chip and then embedding it in the edge of the board.

This means you can build RFID chips into mass-produced PCBs.

The chip is encapsulated in epoxy resin so that it's firmly embedded in the PCB and virtually indestructible.

Find out more.

Beta LAYOUT at Electronics&Automation in Utrecht

May 2013: Together with our partner Murata Electronics, we will be presenting new products – embedded RFID in circuit boards – from 28 - 30 May in Hall 8, Booth 8D066.

Visit our booth and see for yourself how you can make circuit boards identifiable and traceable and learn more about the innovative methods for embedding RFID chips in PCBs.

On 28 May we will also be giving a presentation on the topic of PCB with embedded RFID in the Croesezaal auditorium.

Beta LAYOUT & Murata proudly present:

April 2013: World's first #1:
RFID chips embedded in your PCB – available ONLINE!

World's first #2:
Using your ground plane as an antenna – just download a design to link them! Boasting a range of several metres that can even be read through housing and packaging.

Hard to believe?
Try it yourself now. For free. Until September 2013, we are offering a 100% rebate on embedding RFID chips in PCB-POOL® circuit boards.

Slimming cure in price and material!

March 2013: NEW in the POOL: 4 layer multilayer can now also be ordered 1 mm thin!

AND : Price reduction of up to 50% for 2-5 multilayer circuit boards

Now available! Assembly for Altium customers.

February 2013: You use Altium for your circuit board design and would like to order your board with assembly on-line at a set price?

As of now, we also support the Altium data format along with Eagle and Target for this service in PCB-POOL®.

electronica 2012

November 2012: Our first fair: A great success!
Thank you for the numerous visits and the interest in our latest innovations:

- Free FITS-or-NOT
- Magic-PCB®
- IDF-to-3D
- EAGLE-to-3D

All now available online! Give it a try ......

Free FITS-or-Not – FREE - how does that work?

November 2012: It's simple:
PCB-POOL® customers can now order printed 3D-prototypes of their assembled PCB at no charge.

Unbelievable but true:
Now, before PCB production even begins, you can test if the finished assembly fits into the housing.

First-class service at no extra cost!

Alles Weitere hier:

How do I get the 3D data?

With the new online tool: IDF-to-3D
Export IDF data from your Layout Software and upload it.

Map your components with 3D elements in our database.

Missing or special 3D components can be added (download from the internet or from the manufacturer) as STEP file.

Output of the generated 3D model as:

- 3D PDF format (for free!)
- Printed 3D-prototype
(free in conjunction with subsequent PCB-POOL® - Order within 14 days)
- STEP format

Details and a link to the tool:

What about EAGLE and 3D?

Forget detours via POV-Ray, EAGLE'up, Sketch'up and Co.!

We have written a ULP that generates IDF from EAGLE and transports them (see below) directly to our online IDF viewer.

Components from the original EAGLE library are automatically mapped to the appropriate 3D elements.

Download, try and be amazed:

Try Magic PCB ® NOW – FOR FREE!

November 2012: … and WIN a corresponding UHF Reader/Writer System!!

Upon request we will equip your overdelivery with an embedded RFID-Chip at no charge.

- You can use your overdelivered PCB with the embedded chip in a normal way
- There is no restriction in function of this PCB
- We will not alter the layout or damage the PCB
- The embedded chip will only be visable when you hold your PCB against the light

This option will soon be available not only for the extra circuit board delivered, but also for the full quantity of PCBs ordered.

You can find additional information here:
You can also buy the appropriate write-read system in our eSTORE.

Once the technical requirements are met you will not need to take any further action. Our technicians will install the chip at the appropriate location in your circuit board.

Simply select Overdelivery: - yes, as magic-PCB ® - embedded with free RFID chip

New data format: DipTrace

May 2012: We now support the DipTrace format in the PCB-POOL®.
DipTrace is a printed circuit board layout CAD/CAE software, consisting of a wiring diagram, simulation, autorouter, PCP layout with a 3D view, EMC analysis, and front panel layout. DipTrace is also available in a lite version free of charge.

Special for EAGLE users: PCB quotations with just two clicks

December 2011: With version 5.1001 and later, you can now calculate prices for PCBs and assembly directly in EAGLE.

It’s remarkably easy:
- No registration necessary
- No fee
- Fast and convenient: no typing or filling in forms

And a 20% discount on your first PCB order with Button!

New data format: FRITZING!

June 2011: FRITZING is an Open-Source-Initiative, which assists the creativity of Designers, Artists, Researchers and Hobbyists working with interactive electronics.

We have added this format into our list of supported file formats. Also it’s an exciting story, so see for yourself:


May 2011: With the acquisition of Sprig Circuits (Vacaville, California, USA), Beta LAYOUT has made a major advance in enhancing customer service.

The synergy of Beta LAYOUT’s well-known reliability and speed with the experience and customer contacts of Sprig Circuits promises to open new dimensions for you.

Stay tuned for more good news in the coming months!

NEW! PCB assembly in PCB POOL®

April 2011: Are you an enthusiastic circuit and layout designer?

But would you rather avoid:
- filling out exasperating component order forms?
- placing and soldering tricky SMDs yourself?
- waiting weeks for your assembled boards?
- silly claims that PCB assembly isn’t worthwhile
for your small jobs?

If so, simply order your PCB POOL® boards fully assembled.

With us you can order a one-off quantity with just one component.

And as always with Beta LAYOUT, the process is easy: online configuration, quotation, ordering – and you’re done!

Visit for full information on PCB assembly, or generate your own quotation online at

Target 3001! V15 PCB-POOL® Edition - now with new functions!

March 2011: The new version of Target 3001! V15 PCB-POOL® Edition is now available for download.

- SQLite components database
- Component placement service
- ELECTRA autorouter
- Polygon capture
- Lead-free soldering
- Directly connectable ground planes
- Dimensional polygon with automatic assignment of the auras

Give me data freedom!

February 2011: 2011 Independence at last! Now you can use your data freely, independent of manufacturer.
If you place your order with TARGET 3001! V15 PCB-POOL® Edition, you receive the Gerber data for your project in RS-274X format, suitable for use in batch or mass production.

At any time you can convert the TARGET 3001! V15 PCB-POOL® Edition to an independent version available from our Reflow-Kit - Shop:

Easy-going: Stencils with DEK VectorGuard!

January 2011: We can now also manufacture stencils for DEK high-speed clamping frames with the following format: - DEK VG 23" x 23" and DEK VG 23" x 29".

Material thicknesses of 100µm, 130µm and 150µm are available (other thicknesses on request).

The delivery time is either 1 or 2 working-days for the available formats. Surcharge per stencil amounts to 65.45 EUR.

PCB FORUM: You ask - we answer!

December 2010: What you’ve always wanted to know - we give you an answer to your questions relating to PCBs and our product range.

On our new PCB FORUM you can discuss things and exchange knowledge not only with us but also with other forum members.

Give us suggestions for new topics concerning the development of PCBs, software products or manufacturing and post-production.

We're looking forward to your contributions!

Cool in the POOL - with Aluminium-core PCBs

August 2010: Are you developing electronics for High Power LEDs, controls or power convertors that are causing your PCB to overheat?

This is where our IMS-POOL comes in:

* 1,5mm cooling aluminum
* 100µm isolation layer
* 35µm copper layer on one side

Here you can get further information and pictures:

Best to test right now!
You can calculate prices here:

Would you like a Free Stencil with that?

July 2010: Originally planned as just a birthday celebration, this service has proved incredibly popular.

So should we put a stop to it now? NO?

OK. Free Stencil forever....

Fear SMDs no longer! New SMD-Kits from Beta LAYOUT

July 2010: You can now order SMD-Kits from our Reflow-Kit Shop online at: .
There’s no need to worry about small components, SMD technology is easy to master with the right accessories.
You’ll find everything you need for SMD soldering as well as a short video, user commentaries and instruction manuals online at:

PCB-POOl® is Number 1 again

July 2010: We are the first to accept the brand new CAD file format “Design Spark PCB”.
You just send us your *.pcb file and we’ll produce your PCB !

No need to stress with Gerber & Excellon files etc.
Are you interested in getting hold of a copy of the free “Design Spark PCB” software from RS?
Then take a look at this link:

NEW: Custom front panels from Beta LAYOUT

February 2010: People say, "it's what's on the inside that counts". This applies to people of course but also to your equipment. So, is it acceptable if the technology is good but the visual appearance falls short?

We say no! – and we have a revolutionary solution for you, that gives you unprecedented design freedom for your front panels. Full-colour printing, images, logos and lettering – everything is possible.
Tailored to your wishes, economical, and top quality thanks to digital printing with photographic quality.

If you would like to know more, click

In addition to further advantages and numerous examples, you will find free design software for downloading so that you can get started right away.

Discover a new design dimension that is guaranteed to put your panels firmly in front!

1.0mm material thickness NOW AVAILABLE in PCB-POOL®

August 2009: As of now, our PCB-POOL® customers can choose between 1.6mm and 1.0mm board thickness for single- and double-sided boards.
The 1.0mm PCBs are only available with Chemical Tin finish.
If you select 1.6mm you can still choose between HAL (lead-free) and Chemical Tin.

Beta LAYOUT opens new market in South Africa

July 2009: The extremely successful & innovative PCB-POOL® concept is now available to customers in South Africa. The customer-friendly concept of on-line price calculation and ordering is ready to go. 20 local staff in sales and production now bring to 125 the number of workers employed in this entrepreneurial group. As well as three locations in Germany, a site in Ireland and various sales offices in Europe and the USA, this latest venture underlines the international orientation of the company.

News from Reflow-Kit shop

June 2009: In addition to PCBs and SMD stencils from PCB-POOL®, Beta LAYOUT now offers tools, accessories and aids for prototype SMD assembly in its Reflow Kit shop. The Reflow Kit shop products allow users to solder SMD circuits to near-industrial quality.

Anniversary deal : Free Laser Stencil

May 2009:

20 Years Beta LAYOUT, 15 Years PCB-POOL, 10 Years Conrad CooperationAnniversary deal : Free Laser Stencil

Should your PCB layout have SMD, you can now order a laser stencil to the following specifications FREE of charge.
  • Stainless Steel 150 µm
  • Size to be a total of 10mm (all around) larger than the PCB dimension.
  • No pad modification
  • No finishing

The paste film data will be generated 1:1 from your Layout data.

Just click: Yes - I want one!

This campaign is currently valid for all PCB-POOL® Prototype orders.

New Website

February 2009: After 20 years of Beta LAYOUT and 15 years of PCB POOL® our web site is getting a makeover. This includes a complete overhaul of the Customer Interface. But not only has the visual appearance of the website changed; some functionalities have been extended and improved, while the shopping basket system has been simplified even further. So for example stencils and printed circuit boards can now be bought from the same "one-stop-shop". The jewel in the crown of the new Shopping-basket system is a price matrix for the comparison of the selected printed circuit board specification with further options (eg: leadtime/quantity), just like price comparison sites for airline tickets which we are all familiar with today.

Anniversary, moving and new investments.

January 2009: This year we have three reasons for celebration. Beta LAYOUT is 20 years old, the sucessful PCB-POOL is now in its 15th year and our co-operation with Conrad continues to excite customers after 10 years.

Not least of all thanks to the governing Mayor Udo Scheliga Beta LAYOUT and Beta BOARD were able to expand within the town of Aarbergen.
Beta LAYOUT GmbH started off the new year 2009 in a bright new office building.
The complete new kit-out of an old production warehouse sees Beta BOARD's third production facility in a position to start manufacture from all departments from the beginning of the year.

Investment in new machines and processes mean brand new technologies will be on offer and even faster lead times will be achieved. At this point in time however no more information will be released.
The managment team intend to release these new innovations bit by bit over the coming year !

New Soldermask!

October 2008: We can report with pride that all Beta production plants are now equipped with the newest technology in the soldermask coating. From now on the application of soldermask will be computer-controlled.

All PCB POOL®-supplied printed circuit boards will now come with this extremely hard and smooth soldermask.

In connection with this development we would like to thank our customers, who regularly gave their evaluations of our printed circuit boards and pointed out to us where we could improve.

With the soldermask in former times, particularly in the express service, factory No.1 used a foil type mask.

Thank you for your customer evaluation!

Super flat SMD surfaces! Chemical Tin as an alternative to HAL. We will keep you updated shortly.

Attention all Laser Stencil customers!

September 2008: Immediately we can offer for your Laser Paste Stencils a sensationally favorable Rapid Tension System to you. For canny shoppers a further reduced entrance price is available up to 31.12.2008. In addition you receive with each template order for this rapid tension system a discount on the basic price. This secures a fast return on your investment for you. There are naturally no royalties. When desired the razor-sharp template edges can also be protected with a plastic covering.

Keen pricing

August 2007: Price comparison shows most favorable PCB Pool price!

We want to guarantee that you get the most favorable PCB Pool price with the least amount of effort, therefore we have greatly extended the functionality of our order system.

Already, and during the printed circuit board order entry process, the system examines whether there is still another more favorable route than the product choice selected by you. When calculating for example 8 prototypes of eurocard size (414.49 EUR) the order system will additionally indicate the prices for 8 prototypes XL (315.41 EUR) and for a small batch production in our Series 10 XXS Pool (297.60 EUR).

This price comparison is based on a complex software, not only is the quantity and the price considered but also the surface area, the delivery time and optional extras such as soldermask and E-testing.

We want to guarantee that you always get the best price with us, so please help us to achieve this goal by making yourself fully aware of our pricing rules and structures.

Another new partnership!

April 2007: From now on all Pulsonix users can send us direct outputs from this software when ordering.

Watch”ur”PCB® - Photos of each production stage of your Printed Circuit Board

July 2006: From this month on you can keep an eye on the progress of the production of your PCB.
We can provide you with photographic images of your board following completion of each of these production steps:

  • Drilling

  • Exposure

  • Tin stripping

  • UV curing

  • Hot-Air-Levelling

In this way you can be certain, even while still in production, that your board will be delivered error-free to you, allowing you to get on with preparing the assembly process without fear of any nasty surprises! And if you should notice a board or data error you have extra time to rectify the situation or even place a new order.

Photos of the current production stage can be accessed in the “My Orders” section of your online customer account , under the heading “Order tracking”. If you wish to be kept informed of the progress of your production we will gladly send you an email to advise you. If you don’t want to miss a single photo you can also choose to have them emailed to you as soon as they are ready. You can choose any of the above options in your online customer account in the “My Orders” section.

Shorter lead times in Series XXS - for instance: quicker turnarounds for Multilayer 4 & 6 layer boards, inclusive of E-Test

August 2005: Both our Series XXS and Multilayer 4/6 Layer boards are now available with shorter standard lead-times and faster lead time options. E-test is now FREE of charge on all Multilayer pool products.

Shorter turnaround times on Series xxS and Multilayer pool orders.

On 4 and 6 layer boards we have dramatically reduced our leadtimes from 12 to 8 working days! That's 33% faster at NO extra cost!
Fast turnaround options are now available as 7 or 5 working days.

On top of this great offer we are now shipping all Multilayer pool orders with a full electrical test included in the price.

On our Series xxS service we now offer 8 days as standard a reduction of 20% to the previous 10 day lead time. For the first time ever we are offering our Series xxS 10 on a 5 day turnaround.

More Layer - shorter deliverytime

June 2004: The long wait is finally over: The 6-Layer pool!
In addition: The lead time of Multilayer was reduced from 15 to 12 WD!

PCB-POOL(R) PCBs are ROHS/WEEE conform

May 2004: ROHS = Restriction of Hazardous Substances
WEEE = Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

PCB-POOL(R) printed circuit boards are already conform to European Union guidelines ROHS / WEEE. These guidelines were set on the 13.02.2003 and prohibit the use of lead, mercury, cadmium, chrome-6, PBB and PBDE with electrical and electronics devices, which are brought into the market from 1 July 2006. These guidelines apply to all electronics firm within the European Union and likewise to those which export into the European Union. With PCB POOL(R) printed circuit boards the lead free tin Balver SN100CL is in use. This tin was already used and successfully tested with over ten million (at 9/2002) printed circuit boards. And the good news is although lead free of tin is twice as expensive as PbSn, the PCB POOL(R) prices remain the same! Further information as well as a data sheet can be found under Specifications.

TARGET 3001! Version 11 available

March 2004: The new TARGET 3001! Version 11 ist now available as PCB-POOL®Edition.

What's new?
Setting a panel, Generation of testing points for measurements, Solderstop/Solderpaste to be set individually for any pad/via, Solderpaste, New Hybrid-Autorouter.... and much more..

Get your free update from SERVICE->DOWNLOAD

SERIE XXS without Positionprint

February 2004: Positionprint in SERIEXXS ?
The following options are now available:
Posi: singlesided TOP (Price inclusive)
Posi: doublesided TOP + BOT (Price 17 EUR)
Posi: WITHOUT (no discount)

A remark to "Posi WITHOUT":
You did not edit the Positionprint-Layer in your PCB-Software? You did not create the correct values and moved each designator to the correct place? Of course then your positionprint will not look very fine on the produced PCB and you should have the option: POSI: WITHOUT!

Why no price reduction when chosen "Posi:WITHOUT"?
Your PCBs remain in the same POOL, together with other PCBs which will get a positionprint. So the complete panel is undertaken the production process "Legendprinting". Unfortunatly this way, there is no price reduction we could forward to you.

Collection of Specs

January 2004: Under Service-> Specifications you will find the following documentation:

Specifications Basematerial ISOLA FR4 DURAVER
current carrying for coppertracks on basematerial
Specifications Soldermask ConforMask 2500
Specification Basematerial for PIAD FR4

Layerlist for PROTEL
Layerlist TARGET
Layerbuild for Multilayer
Drill Tolerance
Rout Tolerance


November 2003: Now available: Fast turnaround PCBs with positionprint AND also doublesided positionprint!

Is everything new ?

August 2003: Check out our new Website with lots of handy functions.

PCB-shopping is now even easier with Beta LAYOUT.

Please note:
Our 10 day lead time for PCB-POOL prototype (single and double sided) has been cut to 8 days.

Work it out:
Order your boards on a Monday and you can begin to populate them a whole weekend earlier !!!

Have fun surfing and shopping

your Beta LAYOUT team


July 2003: Due to popular demand we now accept LAYOUT files from PCAD software.

The odd exception

May 2003: In the specialist German magazine PLUS, May 2003 issue, solderpaste stencils were examined:

"...That this can work differently has been proven by the success of the stencil service offered by Beta LAYOUT."

New file formats

February 2003: Two new Dataformats accepted in PCB-POOL®: QUICKROUTE Users and EASY-PC Users can now send their *.PCB files to us.
Good news for EDWIN Users: EDWIN files are once more being accepted.

Beta LAYOUT welcomes its 10,000th customer!

January 2003: Despite the downturn in the electronics industry over the past year, there is still good news for some. This downturn has lead to an industry wide cut in funding for electronics design. Previous levels of boom-time budgeting are past. In its solution to the prototype market, a Shannon based company has conversely seen an increase in both sales and new custom. Based in the Shannon Free Zone, Beta LAYOUT recently welcomed their 10,000th customer to the Shannon facility. On placing the 10,000th order, the customer became the grand prize winner. Based in Germany, Mr. Matthias Mayer is involved with a company who specialises in electronic measuring devices. Managing Director of Beta LAYOUT, Elizabeth Nolan, had this to say "Mr Meyer represents our profile customer. He is working in a small, but highly technical research and development company. We are delighted to offer this prize to such a valued customer".
The prize consisted of a completely free weekend for two people. This included flights, accommodation, champagne reception and chauffeured transport.

With the assistance of Aer Rianta, the staff of Beta LAYOUT offered a champagne reception in the Airport when the passengers disembarked on Thursday evening. Caroline Noonan, Sales and Marketing Manager with Beta LAYOUT was very impressed with the service – "we could not have achieved such a warm welcome for our guests had it not been for Mr. Pat O’Connell and his team. They assisted in whatever way they could, and made the reception more professional and enjoyable for all". Following the airport, the winners were taken to the Old Ground Hotel in Ennis. Again, they were greeted by the Managing Director of the Old Ground Hotel, Mr Alan Flynn, and the welcome was in the true Irish spirit – warm, generous and sincere. The winners were also offered a night in Bunratty, and a trip around the breathtaking Clare Atlantic coastline, which was recently voted among the 5 most beautiful trips in Europe.


November 2002: Delivery time of SerieXXS has been reduced from 15 working days to 10. This means the turnaround is 33.333333333% faster!

Everything remains different

September 2002: No need to worry! It's only a new term which has been introduced by our marketing department: fast turnaround premium is now called basic price factor. Prices have not been changed.

Have faith!

July 2002: "Have faith..." we thought to ourselves after we decided to launch our customer order evaluation service. We would like to underline that the graphics for this page are generated every night and show only the data from the ORIGINAL databank! That means that none of our customers' comments are "sweetened", left out or edited! Could there be any better way of finding out whether or not something is worth buying than by taking a look at the order evaluations of 10,000 customers? Take a look for yourself: customer evaluations

0.15mm (6mil) / 0.15mm (6mil)

June 2002: It has been accepted for a long time, but now it's official: the minimum required airgap for doublesided PCBs in PCB-POOL® (except Target-next-day-delivery) has been reduced from 0.2mm (8mil) to 0.15mm (6mil). Likewise, the minimum required track width has been reduced from 0.2mm (8mil) to 0.15mm (6mil).

another super offer from Beta LAYOUT!

May 2002: In cooperation with Ing.-Büro FRIEDRICH:
FREE layout software:
TARGET 3001! PCB-POOL® Edition (6.83MB updated Version from 2002 for Win9X/Win2000/XP)

Not just a "sketch" program like the one currently on offer from a certain US competitor, this all-inclusive software package runs at a normal retail price of EUR 1,500.

The package includes the following:
  • Circuit layout

  • Simulation

  • Schematic

  • Autoplacer

  • Autorouter

  • EMCAnalysis
NOT a demo-version
NO pin restrictions
Output for PCB-POOL® only

Now on offer!

March 2002: Due to popular demand, we are now offering single sided boards in PCB-POOL®. For details on pricing, please see our homepage under "Prototypes".

New discount program

February 2002: Join in! Let us know how happy you are with your boards. Evaluate your delivery by its quality and punctuality. When you have entered 5 order evaluations, you receive a 10% discount on one item on your next order!

Now on offer!

November 2001: OK, so it's not that exciting ... but it's worth a mention! Silkscreen is now available in standard lead time in Multilayer Pool.

Fast-Turnaround in 2 and 3 days

October 2001: You need your printed circuit boards faster? We have extended our express service for double-sided prototypes to a 2 and 3-day service. Please note that the cut-off time for receipt of order + data for 2 & 3 day turnarounds is 08.30 am GMT!!

Online order tracking

September 2001: You are up to date straight away:
You receive a link with your on-line order confirmation to allow you request an update on your job status. The output information contains the name of the person who processed your order, the name of your CAM-OPERATOR and tells you the exact status of your order from order entry to delivery to your front door!

Summer Party 2001

July 2001: It was simply fantastic!
Here is an excerpt from a email which was received after the celebration:

"... you did not promise me too much, the Beta Party was absolutely g... (censored) !!! Super people, super music, excellent food, cool Guinness and much more. Thank you for the invitation ..."

Whoever does not believe us can take a look at the following pictures:

Relocation in Ireland

June 2001: Too crowded again, already (see April 1998)? Yes, in Ireland it was time for the second relocation. The new office was officially opened at a ceremony by Shannon Development (an Irish government agency). Reason enough to celebrate the evening with the national refreshment - Guinness!

Online quotation service

March 2001: Do you urgently require a PCB-POOL® price quotation? Not a problem! Simply use our online calculation program and click on the "printer version" button on your quotation. You can of course also proceed with an order if you wish.

Beta LAYOUT GmbH is ISO 9002 certified

February 2001: Beta LAYOUT GmbH is now ISO 9002 (Nr: 01 100 004044 TÜV Rheinland/Berlin Brandenburg) certified.

Anonymous FTP

November 2000: Due to the fact that our free FTP upload area has been continually used by hackers as a free software, we have unfortunately been forced to discontinue our anonymous FTP service. To send us your files, please use the upload service on our website or call us at ++353 (0)61 701170. You will then receive our new IP address over the phone as well as a username and password which will allow you to continue to send your files to us by FTP.

FTP address changed

May 2000: Note re. FTP server: our old FTP address is no longer in use as we have moved server. Please use our new IP number

Multilayer service improved

March 2000: Cheaper, better, quicker. 4MLs are now available 20% cheaper, 5 days quicker and on request are also available in 7 working day express service. Now that all PCB-POOL® brochures have been changed to the Euro currency, prices for Series XXS and soldermask have been rounded to the next even amount in cent. Only our flat rate route charge has been rounded up by a "whole" EUR 0.24 to EUR 12.00. Good news - good buy!

BETA LAYOUT GmbH - nominated for the German Internet Award

February 2000: CE-BIT 2000 trade fair, 25.02.2000, Beta LAYOUT received a prize from the German Minister of Economic Affairs Dr. Werner Mueller for its customer orientation, innovation and successful economic employment of its homepage.

An independant jury picked Beta-LAYOUT from a group of 598 contenders as one of ten companies nominated for the prize which was awarded this year for the first time.

It should be emphasized that Beta LAYOUT sucessfully uses the internet on a daily basis as a sales platform, as opposed to the majority of nominated contenders whose main business was software or some form of internet service.

The aim this year of awarding the above mentioned prize was to promote electronic commerce or electronic business on the internet. According to the Bundesminister Mr Mueller, the awards should help highlight the importance of increased internet use among medium sized companies. The competition, a part of the Bundes government's campaign entitled "Innovation and jobs in the Information Technology sector of the 21st century", will take place annually over the next 5 years using various themes and providing best-practice examples for small and medium sized companies (SMC's) for innovative internet progress.


February 2000: We have extended our service! In addition to your printed cirucit board, we can now supply you with a laser cut stencil. In order to meet your requirements to the highest standards, we have invested in a brand-new laser stencil cutting machine from the company LPKF.

Our Laser-Stencil webseite offers the familiar conveniences: online calculation, file-upload and (another) FAQ page. Your Laser Stencil questions can be answered for free on the Laser Stencil Hotline on 0800-SCHABLONE (0800-7242256). A discount of 20% is available on first-time orders - offer available up to 15.03.2000

Euro conversion

January 2000: After - thankfully- not having had any problems with the Y2K Bug, the next test we face this year is the conversion to the Euro. We have already adapted our web pages to suit the new currency. The good news for our customers is that one Eurocard does not cost the actual converted price of EUR 50.62, but only EUR 49.00 instead! Again a (small) cost saving for the electronic developer.

E-Test at POOL prices

November 1999: It can be safely said that with complex and densely printed circuit boards, a visual check is insufficient. In electrical testing, all connections on your printed circuit board are checked for opens and shorts.
Up until now, testing using a flying probe was inordinately expensive. The good news is however, that PCB-POOL® has dramatically cut the costs yet again! You can now have your boards electrically tested for the following prices:

Redesign of Beta LAYOUT Homepage

October 1999: After countless hours of development and testing, our new homepage was finally launched today. Containing over 250 web pages, you will find all you need to know on PCB-POOL. The highlight is the online calculation and order system.

PCB-Pool Germany starts partnership with Conrad Electronic Germany

September 1999: To accompany its promotion in the current Conrad catalogue, PCB Pool launched its on-line order form on the Conrad website today.

Lower shipping costs

September 1999: A short but sweet message: following some hard bargaining with our courier service, we can now announce a cut in our shipping costs! This price reduction will of course be passed on in full to you our customers. The new pricing will come into effect from mid September: standard parcel service (not express) for parcel up to 2kg's - was DM 13.80 now DM 10.80

10th anniversary celebration pictures

July 1999: Many thanks for all the good wishes and gifts received and for the great party atmosphere! For the record: 350 sausages, 150 steaks and 100 Vegi-burgers were washed down with lots of Guinness! The band was superb and everyone enjoyed themselves. In short, it was a great event!

Words can't really describe the wonderful atmosphere so have a look at our photos from the afternoon and evening and see for yourself!

Last but not least, a particularly big thank you to our hardworking helpers at the bar and at the barbequ, to the band "In Between" for their top class performance, to Brian for entertaining everyone with his Irish folk songs and to the entire team for the birthday cake!

Party time - Beta LAYOUT 10th anniversary

June 1999: On 16. July 1999 the big Beta LAYOUT party is taking place! All customers are very welcome! A great atmosphere, endless GUINNESS, succulent steaks and live band "In BETWEEN" are all on offer!

On that note, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our faithful customers. Without them, we would not be celebrating our 10th anniversary! It is a special pleasure for me that PCB-POOL®, a crazy idea of a shared costs system for electronic developers, has become a synonym for prototyping.

Let's share a toast to this idea!
Arne Hofmann

Special offer for first time customers

April 1999: Special offer! All first time users of the new Discovery shareware receive a 20% discount on their first PCB produced with this software.

This offer was only available up to 31st July 1999

We have reduced our delivery time

March 1999: GOOD NEWS: We have reduced our standard delivery time for doublesided POOL prototypes from approx. 15 WD to ... not 13 ... not 12 ... but approx. 10 WD ! And ... the price remains the same ! :-)) So, get yourself a copy of the new order form (included in your delivery)

We offer Extended-Gerber drivers for Target

February 1999: You remember our news from March 1998? Well, the extended-gerber driver for Target is now ready. Download it from the Target homepage!

We have installed a search engine on our homepage

January 1999: We have installed a search-engine on our webpage ... in German only, for the moment ... Sorry!. moved to Germany

January 1999: Higher speed web pages: We have moved our WebSpace to a server in Frankfurt with 155MBit connection.

Shareware for electronic designers

January 1999: New! Lots of shareware for electronic designers on our server. See DOWNLOAD.

We accept ORCAD™ *.MAX files

December 1998: ORCAD™ users have reason to smile! We now accept *.MAX files!

We have extended our homepage

August 1998: 3 new web pages have been launched: NEWS (This page), FAQ - Questions and Answers about PCB-POOL® - and illustrated instructions to help with loading Gerber- and Drill-data to GC-Prevue. (section DOWNLOAD)

We are testing Gerber/Drill interface

July 1998: Testing of the Gerber/Drill interface from ORCAD™ software is now under way in order to be able to accept *.MAX files in PCB-POOL® in the future. The company HOSCHAR was kind enough to make a copy of the software package LAYOUT PLUS available to us.

We process PROTEL(tm) PCB-Files directly

April 1998: Another new Data format for PCB-POOL®: PROTEL™. Customers can now send their *.PCB file to us. Many thanks to Dr. Heinrich Kunz from PROTEL EUROPE AG who made this possible and who made the software available to us.

Beta LAYOUT Ltd. Ireland is moving

April 1998: Things are moving on in Ireland! Beta LAYOUT Ltd. Ireland has moved to a new business premises in the Shannon Free Zone.

We process Target Files directly

March 1998: In response to the many enquiries received from Target software users, we now recognise Target as an accepted software in PCB-POOL®. Herr Friedrich from the Target office is currently working on an extended Gerber driver for us and will also be working to perfect (and simplify) copper plane output.

Founding of Beta Board GmbH

March 1998: Founding of Beta BOARD GmbH. The purposes of this new venture are two fold: 1. to have our own supplier for time sensitive PCB-POOL® orders and 2. to research the area of multipanel manufacture with the aim of improving and optimising our supplier network.

You can order online

July 1997: You can now order your PCBs ONLINE!

Founding of Beta LAYOUT Ltd. Ireland

March 1997: Founding of Beta LAYOUT Ltd. in Ennis, County Clare, Ireland. Our Irish office will supply CAM support to Beta Germany as well promote PCB-POOL® in Ireland, the UK and France.

We have moved to our new location

July 1996: Our German office has moved to a spacious premises in the village of Aarbergen in the beautiful Taunus region, western Germany.


January 1996: Beta LAYOUT becomes a limited liability company (GmbH). The aim of the company is the layout and sale of PCBs and the provision of services geared towards the electronic / PCB-Industry.

PCB-POOL® became a registered trademark

September 1995: Registration of PCB-POOL® with the 'Deutschen Patentamt München' ( the German patent office in Munich), trademark number 395 11 162.

Internet presentation was launched

August 1995: We now have our own website under!

The 1000th PCB-POOL® participant!

July 1995: The 1000th PCB-POOL® participant!

Founding of PCB-POOL®

June 1994: Founding of PCB-POOL®.

Founding of Beta LAYOUT GbR

January 1989: Founding of Beta LAYOUT as a GbR. The aim of the company is to produce PCB boards.