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FREE: EDA-Software for PCB-POOL® customers

In cooperation with Ing.-Büro FRIEDRICH

For all online orders placed through Target 3001! PCB-POOL® Edition you will now receive the Gerber data (RS-274X format) for free, in order to proceed to a Series production if required.

Integrated Assembly price and Online ordering facility

Download here your free EDA software (for WinXP/WinVista/Win7/Win8):

TARGET 3001! V19 PCB-POOL®Edition (111,8 MB)

Current version: (08/03/2017)

This software contains:

  • PCB-Layout
  • Simulation
  • Schematic Capture
  • Autoplacer
  • Autorouter
  • EMC Analysis
  • Integrated Assembly price
  • Online ordering facility
  • Integrated assembly calculation
  • Online ordering possibility

This software is fully licensed.

  • Not a Demo-version
  • NO Pin-Limits
  • NO Size-Limits
  • Output only for PCB-POOL®
  • For all production orders you will now receive the original Gerber data (RS-274X format)

Future free updates are available:


Calculate prices for PCBs and assembly by Beta LAYOUT directly in EAGLE (with EAGLE version 5.1001 or later)

PCB-POOL® Button installation guide:
PDF guide (181 KB)

Download PCB-POOL® Button (V1.09) automatic installation file
(for Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7):
PCB-POOL® BUTTON (approx. 700 KB)

Download manual installation zip file (V1.09)
(for all supported operating systems):
PCB-POOL® BUTTON (approx. 150 KB)

FREE: Gerber-Viewer for PCB-POOL® customers

Why should I use GC-Prevue? How can I import my data in a easy and fast way? (until version 7.0) Find all answers right here.

Download your free GC-PREVUE software:

Newer does not always mean better! Our customers recommend V7.0.

... find more (newer) versions on the GraphiCode website:

More layout-software

DesignSpark PCB
CAD/CAM software for PCB circuit diagram and layout. Full version available for free.
Format supported by PCB-POOL®.
Altium (PROTEL)
CAD/CAM software for PCB schematic and layout.
30 day trial version available. Free, old DOS Version EasyTrax available for download.
Format supported by PCB-POOL®.
Branded software made in Germany. CAD/CAM software for PCB schematic and layout.
Beta LAYOUT recommendation!
Format supported by PCB-POOL®.
CAD/CAM software for PCB schematic and layout.
Free Lightversion available.
Format supported by PCB-POOL®.
CAD/CAM software for PCB schematic and layout.
Format supported by PCB-POOL®.
CAD/CAM software for PCB schematic and layout.
Limited demo version available.
Format supported by PCB-POOL®.
Low cost CAD/CAM software.
Limited demo version available.
Format supported by PCB-POOL®.
CAD/CAM software for PCB schematic and layout.
Limited demo version available.
Format supported by PCB-POOL®.
PCB CAD/CAM software.
Format supported by PCB-POOL®.
CAD/CAM Software for PCB schematic and layout.
Format supported by PCB-POOL®.
Professional EDA system from the diagram to the layout. Format is PCB POOL®-supported.
Open source (GPL) software for the creation of electronic schematic diagrams and printed circuit board artwork
Format supported by PCB-POOL®.
Printed circuit board layout CAD/CAE software, consisting of a wiring diagram, simulation, autorouter, PCP layout with a 3D view, EMC analysis, and front panel layout. Also available in a lite version free of charge.
Format supported by PCB-POOL®.
An open source initiative that supports users in their creative work with interactive electronics.
Format supported by PCB-POOL®.
Data format RS-274-X extracted from various layout softwares
Format supported by PCB-POOL®.
Gerber X2

PCB CAD/CAM software from CAD-UL.
Limited demo version available.
PCB CAD/CAM software from Bartels.
Limited demo version available.
CAD/CAM software for PCB schematic and layout.
Free Lightversion available.
Format supported by PCB-POOL®.
Very limited PCB CAD software.
Limited demo version available.
CAD/CAM software from Sweden for PCB schematic and layout.
Limited Demo Version available.
CAD/CAM software for PCB schematic and layout.
PCB CAD/CAM software.
Limited demo version available.
PCB CAD/CAM software.
Limited demo version available.
PCB CAD/CAM software.
Limited demo version available.
CAD/CAM software for PCB schematic and layout.
Limited demo version available.
WinSchematic, WinPCB, Win3DView, WinGerber, WinSpice, WinSignal.
Limited Demo Version available.
PCB schematic and simulation software.
Limited demo version available.
PCB CAD/CAM software from Japan.
Limited demo version available.
PCB CAD/CAM software.
Limited demo version available.
CAD/CAM software for PCB schematic and layout.
Format supported by PCB-POOL®.
PCB CAD/CAM software.
Limited demo version available.
PCB CAD/CAM Software.
Low cost PCB layout and schematic software.
PCB CAD/CAM software.
Limited demo version with 200 pins for free.
Windows and MAC PCB CAD/CAM software.
Limited demo version available.
PCB CAD/CAM software.
Limited demo version available.
CAD/CAM software for PCB schematic and layout.
Free MAC PCB CAD/CAM software.
P-CAD 2001
PCB CAD/CAM software.
30 day trial version available.
Pads PC Board Design Utilities:
Includes autorouter, and more
Free Unix PCB software.
Low cost CAD PCB software.
Limited demo version available.
Low cost PCB CAD software.
Limited demo version available.
CAD/CAM software for PCB schematic and layout.
Limited demo version available.
PRO-Board, PRO-Net
Schematic and layout Software for AMIGA Computers.
PCB CAD/CAM software.
Limited demo version available.
PCB CAD/CAM software.
Limited demo version available.
PCB CAD/CAM software for Windows and
Free schematic software.
Free PCB layout and schematic software.
CAD/CAM software for PCB schematic and layout. Limited demo version available.
CAD/CAM software for PCB schematic and layout. Limited demo version available.
PCB CAD/CAM software.
Limited demo version available.

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Shareware and Freeware for download

1. 1000 Hz Firmware code for a 1000 Hz DSP filter.
2. 114k Program for designing PLLs (74HC4046, etc)
3. 317k TRAKSAT satellite tracking program (NORAD/NASA)
4. 94k Philips MOSFET device data
5. 109k Philips transistor data
6. 92k Philips opto device data
7. 110k Philips diode data
8. 299k ELECTRON: circuit design & calculation progs
9. 166k Design data on popular types of heatsink
10. 3993s.pcb 22k PCB design hints chart courtesy RCS Radio
11. 400 Hz The firmware code for a 400 Hz DSP filter.
12. 555 Demonstrator Demonstrates the use of the 555 timer chip in either astable or monostable mode. For Windows.
13. 555 Timer Interactive 555 timer designer
14. 231k Windows based 555 calculator
15. 438k 555 + LCR calculator for Windows - very nice!
16. 555timer.exe 31k 555 timer calculator, astable mode. From RCS Radio
17. 750 Hz Firmware code for a 750 Hz DSP filter.
18. A-Filter Active filter design program. Designs high and low pass filters.
19. ACANA A small signal analysis program to determine the AC response of a circuit. Uses the Guass-Jordan algorithm.
20. ACIRAN A linear AC circuit analysis program for active and passive circuits. Handles many components, and has many models included.
21. AMPTRACK - Leiterbahnstärke /-abstand Kalkulationssoftware
22. amptrack.exe 36k Calc\'s current capacity of PCB tracks (RCS Radio)
23. ANALYS A time series analysis package including FFT, wavelet, and coherence; and Winger-Ville for digital filtering, plus more.
24. as5_new.exe 18k Motorola's freeware 6805 assembler
25. 5k Fast HP-PCL Autotrax printer drivers
26. 82k Checks if your sound card supports full duplex
27. AutoCAD-PCB A collection of utilities for the creation of printed circuit boards under AutoCAD.
28. 147k Packet radio terminal prog for PC without TNC
29. BB SPICE Burr-Brown IC SPICE models.
30. Berechnen von Multilayer - Lagenaufbauten (3,5 MB) von Isola
31. Board Layout Program V1.2 Inteligent PC-BOARD layout program
32. 25k BOXPLOT speaker box designer for Windows
33. Burr Brown Filter Pro A design program for use with Burr Brown components. Allows the creation of many types of filters including Sallen-Key low pass.
34. CapCad A Capacitor Calculator. Find S-parameters.
35. CCICAP A linear circuit analysis program. Includes resistors, capacitors, inductors, and more.
36. CirCad A graphical circuit designer and autorouter.
37. Circuit Solver AC/DC circuit problem solver v6.0
38. Circuit v1.2 Microcomputer circuit analysis package.
39. CLC SPICE PSPICE models for Comilinear amplifiers.
40. CRT Alignment A program to aid in the alignment of your CRT's electron beam guns.
41. 915k Powerful CAD/CAM shareware package for DOS (Jun/Jul 99)
42. DC Analysis Performs circuit analysis on DC circuits. Like a lab workbench. Documentation is also a tutorial on computer circuitry.
43. demorcs1.pcb 23k "Good Design Practice" PCB (RCS Radio).
44. Design Works v6.0 [1/3] A Windows based PSPICE and PLOGIC circuit design and analysis tool. Includes a great shell for running its many utilities.
45. DESPACK HP-CMCD semiconductor S-Data.
46. Digital Logic Analyzer v1.2 A hardware logic analyzer for debugging electronic circuits. For Windows.
47. DigSim A digital logic simulator for Computer Scientists and Engineers.
48. DLANET A polynomial/circuit analysis package with built in editor.
49. Droege A PCB design utility that supports multi-layered boards, and has the ability to output to plotters.
50. DVOM Sim for Windows A DVOM simulation program for Windows. Intuitive user interface.
51. eaetihe.exe 241k Listing of all PCBs for EA/ETI projects
52. 33k Easytrax/Autotrax User Guide
53. easypadz.exe 43k EASYTRAX GLOBAL pad type/size converter
54. EasyTrac v2.06 Powerful package for producing printed circuit artwork. Has Component library support and full plotting capabilities.
55. easytrak.exe 45k EASYTRAX GLOBAL Track Width Converter.
56. 155k Electronic Circuit Designer - circuit calculations
57. EE-DRAW A circuit design package. Uses parametric drawings.
58. Elec-CKT A program for designing simple circuits. Menu driven.
59. Elecrtonic Circuit Cad Circuit designer and router
60. Electrc8 Lighting, motor, and general electrical circuit calculations.
61. Electron Electronics design aid
62. Electronic Analog Sim. Windows-based analog CAD simulator performs AC/DC circuit analysis
63. Electronic Circuit Interactive program for designing the more common electronic circuits
64. Electronic Circut Designer Electronic Circut Designer v3.1
65. Electronics Work Bench Useful electronic circuit designer
66. 264k EMC filter design software -- Twin Tee, etc
67. EMP A fascinating tutorial on Electromagnetic Pulses.
68. EZ Place A PC-Board creation utility. Wire frame CAD.
69. ezschem1.exe 8k Doc file for EZYSCHEM.LIB - self executing
70. ezschem1.lib 77k Draw schematics with Easytrax! - component library
71. ezschem1.pcb 131k Reminder chart for EZSCHEM1.LIB
72. 59k All three EZSCHEM1 files (PCB,EXE,LIB) compressed
73. 122k 555 Timer Astable/Monostable designer.
74. 37k Electrical filter designs, esp Butterworth
75. FIR FIR digital filter design program.
76. 182k PC-GPS software for Garmin or Lowrance GPS (GPS Exposed, Dec 99)
77. GCP High quality CAD aid for PC Board design.
78. 47k Demo software for a PC-driven GDS programmer
79. 201k Download/viewer for Velleman handheld scope -Win95
80. HP's Appcad [1/3] A circuit design tool from Hewlett Packard. Has transistor design data, a microwave calculator, impedence matching, & more.
81. HP's Appcad [2/3] Part 2 of 3.
82. HP's Appcad [3/3] Part 3 of 3.
83. IC Editor A complete IC layout tool. Does it all.
84. 2k Parallel in/out DLL for Visual Basic for Windows
85. Intuisoft Fuse SPICE models of several different fuses.
86. Lena Circuit analysis program for use with up to 56 node, 204 branch electronic networks.
87. LENA for DOS v1.0 Linear Electronic Network Analysis. Performs frequency analysis on electronic circuits. Handles up to 56 nodes & 204 branches.
88. LM12454/8 An LM12454/8 Data Acquistion System design kit from National Semiconductor.
89. 45k Logisym digital circuit simulator - gate level
90. 649k LspCAD Lite for Windows speaker design program
91. 63k Powerful scientific calculator
92. Maxim Designs microprocessor based filters.
93. MC6801 Integrated Circuit Emulator Hardware and firmware design utility for the 6801. Built in assembler, single step execution, realtime emulation, and more.
94. MICECAT A catalog of most of HP's components, including their new 50 GHz MMIC Chips.
95. MICROCAP A utility to aid in the selection of resistors in circuits.
96. MIMP Motorolla impedance matching program
97. Module A program for designing analog filters and equalizers.
98. Nat. Electric Code [1/2] Data from the Nat'l Electric Code 1984. Data is appendable as necessary. Dump all your data sheets and NEC tables. Part 1 of 2.
99. NEC [2/2] Part 2 of 2.
100. Network v1.0 Electronic network analysis for AC input.
101. Nova AC linear circuit analysis program. Calculates voltage, phase, and delay at any node. Can handle high frequencies.
102. Ohm's Law Ohms Law calculator for engineers.
103. 50k Packet radio terminal program
104. Pads PC Board Design Utilities: Includes autorouter, and more
105. PADS-PCB [1/3] Powerful PC Board drafting and routing package. Part 1 of 3.
106. PADS-PCB [2/3] Part 2 of 3.
107. PADS-PCB [3/3] Part 3 of 3.
108. PC Silos Digital logic simulation package.
109. PC Trace v5.1 Printed Circuit CAD system. Includes sample schematics. Can also capture schematics from text.
110. PC-Breeze II Creates, views, modify, and output printed circuit boards
111. PC-BREZE v2.10 A simple PC Board layout utility.
112. PC-ECAP AC Circuit Analysis
113. PC-ECAP Electronic nodal solver
114. PC-Schematic Create schematics and printed circuit board artwork
115. PCT Resistor Calculates the best fit standard 1% resistors for a 2 resistor voltage divider.
116. 792k Protel PCB for Windows Demo - 1 (can't save)
117. 707k Protel PCB for Windows Demo - 2 (can't save)
118. 67k Packet radio TNC controller
119. PLL A phase lock loop design program.
120. 122k Transceiver software for decoding CCIR radio pagers
121. Power 1.00 Calculates required power in IC circuit design.
122. Protel Advanced Schematic Windows schematic capture system. Fully hierarchical design entry system.
123. Protel PCB [1/2] A PC board designer and auto-router for Windows. Supports multiple layered boards.
124. Protel PCB [2/2] Part 2 of 2.
125. PSpice v5.0a [1/3] A fast and feature-packed electrical circuit simulator and logic analyzer. Part 1 of 3.
126. PSpice v5.0a [2/3] Part 2 of 3.
127. PSpice v5.0a [3/3] Part 3 of 3.
128. Pspice v5.3 [1/2] Pspice circuit analysis utility for Windows. 50 node evaluation version. For Windows.
129. Pspice v5.3 [2/2] Part two of Pspice for Windows.
130. Quick Route v1.5 release 3.0 A high quality and high speed PC Board and schematic design system.
131. Quick Router A router and analysis utility
132. QuickRoute for DOS A simple Printed Circuit Board Design program. It is best suited for small, quick tasks.
133. rcsezy.inf 2k Readme file for RCSEZYx and 3993S files
134. 60k RCS improved Easy/Autotrax library -see RCSEZY.INF
135. 87k Another Easy/Autotrax lib from RCS -see RCSEZY.INF
136. 10k Drill tool table for Easy/Autotrax from RCS + docs
137. Resistor Codes A Windows program for decoding the values of resistors from their color bands.
138. Resistor v1.1 Finds the two best values of standard 1% resistors to use in a simple two resistor voltage divider.
139. 122k Graphical resistor colour code converter
140. Rf Tools Design tools for RF devices & filters
141. 98k RF design software (includes Smith chart)
142. 81k RF match calculator and optimiser for Hams
143. RFS Series/parallel resistors, capacitors, and inductors, R/C R/L time constants, L/R/C circuits, voltage divider circuits, & more.
144. 95k RF and Microwave engineering calculator
145. Schematic Designer All-purpose schematic CAD program
146. Semiconductor Cross v1.0 A program to suggest substitutes for spec'd transistors, ICs, diodes, SCRs, triacs, diacs, and others. Money and time saving.
147. SIMIC A logic verification simulator. Faster and more accurate than most other simulators.
148. Skem v1.0 A schematic drawing system. Allows you to easily and quickly draw and print professional looking schematics.
149. 23k Smith Chart (blank) in PostScript file form
150. 1581k Soundcard-based speaker testing software
151. Super Steckerbelegungs-Collection (Cable and Plug Pinouts): Video,Modem, Nullmodem/ser. Drucker, Adapter/Pruefstecker/spezielles (seriell), Parallel, Parallel Rechner-Rechner, Twisted Pair/Arcnet/Ethernet, SCSI, PC-Keyboard/Monitor/Maus/Joystick, Midi, Audio, Telefon, ISDN...
152. 127k Switchers Made Simple software (EWE Jan 95)
153. Tango v2.0 A PCB Design and AutoRouter program. Supports multi-layer boards, many components, and more.
154. Tango-Schematic Evaluator Circuit evaluation through schematics
155. 25k Valve substitute/cross-reference database program
156. 88k Generates a standard test pattern on your monitor.
157. The Digital Architect A digital circuit simulator. Supports mixed logic signals, schematic capture & printing, object-oriented design, and more.
158. 14k Transistor substitute/cross-reference database prg
159. TSHOOT A simulation of a two stage audio amplifier.
160. USPI [1/3] A 32 bit Windows version of Spice and Nutmeg, a set of circuit simulation tools.
161. USPI [2/3] Part 2 of 3.
162. USPI [3/3] Part 3 of 3.
163. W1RIL A collection of electronic symbols in .PCX format, readable by many packages.
164. Windows OP-Amp OP-Amp simulator for Windows