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PCB-POOL® Prototype


You can calculate the price of your singlesided, doublesided and 4/6ML prototypes using our online price calculator.

Prices are charged per inches squared and include all tooling costs & full design rule check (DRC).

Shipping costs will depend on which shipping service you choose. The shipping service can be selected on our online calculation system.

A complete overview of the delivery times available as well as the various qucik turnaround surcharges are listed under lead time.


We charge a flat-rate fee when a solder mask is applied to single-sided or double-sided circuit boards. This fee is independent of the circuit board size.

For 4-layer & 6 layer multilayer PCBs, soldermask is included in the price.

Position print?

We charge a flat-rate fee when a silk screen is applied to single-sided, double-sided or 4/6-layer multilayer circuit boards. This fee is independent of the circuit board size.

You can choose between singlesided silkscreen on TOP side, or doublesided silkscreen on TOP and BOTTOM side.

Electrical test

We test your PCBs for a flat rate price, irrespective of the number of test points and 100% based on your layout file!

We think that's VALUE FOR MONEY!

4/6-layer multilayer
The electrical test is included for all multilayer PCBs with immediate effect.

Technical data

Technical information on the PCB contour, track and gap, number of drills, drilling, soldermask and silkscreen can be found on the page technical information.

Please note that the minimum required area is 16 sq.inches! Photoplots will not be delivered. No discounts given on re-orders.

Free gift

Each new customer who orders a PCB-POOL® Prototype receives a free desoldering pump.

Only while stocks last.